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Crystal Mesh Wants You at Her “Sexy Party”

Crystal Mesh Wants You at Her “Sexy Party”

Crystal Mesh by Isaac Emmons

For those who don’t know her, Crystal Mesh is a New York City drag queen, who doubles as a Bushwick housewife. Known to friends as “Drunk Aunt Barbie,” the Brooklyn-based drag artist and self-proclaimed “local celebrity” loves sunbathing by her pool while sipping on margaritas and piña coladas.

You can catch her at her upcoming “Sexy Party,” which will feature a performance by Gia Gunn, this Saturday (July 20) at The Rosemont in Williamsburg. Mesh chatted with us about her latest single, “My Cabana,” winning Best Original Song at the 2019 Brooklyn Nightlife Awards and what you can expect at her party this weekend.

Your latest song, “Sexy Party,” will debut this Friday with a party to coincide with the release on Saturday at The Rosemont. What should we expect from the new track?
CRYSTAL MESH: Sexy Party lays out my rules for being at my party. It’s very important. Musically, it’s more of an electro dance-pop sound, a direction that I’m most likely going to stay in. It’s empowering but funny; sexy but stupid. That’s what I do.

I couldn’t help but imagine you as a Real Housewife when I heard your previous song, “My Cabana.” So, if you were in one of the franchises, which housewife would you be?
CM: I want to be an Erika Jayne, but I’m really more of a LuAnn-Dorit-Ramona hybrid. But in my head I’m already a Real Housewife of Bushwick.

We have to talk about the fact that the song won Best Original Song at the 2019 Brooklyn Nightlife Awards…
Thank you! It really felt like a win for the funny girls because I beat out some really amazing and talented singers. And it even won while it was still a demo. I’m insanely proud because I produced everything at the time. I still make all my demos, but now I hand them over to my producer afterwards. Oh! And “Sexy Party” was also nominated this year even though it had never actually been released!

Is there anyone in the NYC drag scene you’d like to collaborate with?
I love working with all my Brooklyn family to be honest. I have a couple of friends lined up to be featured on my next track. I’m open to working with anyone who wants to have a good time and make something fun.

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Where did Crystal Mesh come from and where do you find yourself turning for inspiration?
Crystal Mesh as an idea was born many years ago, drunk on a friend’s stoop in college, long before I ever started actually doing drag. The name was too good not to keep and thankfully no one had claimed it. I’m heavily inspired by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (especially Dorit lately), the early 2000s and Paris Hilton.

What’s the best party you’ve been to in the past year?
The best party for me is always Oops! at The Rosemont. There is always great energy there. And I’m not partial at all, haha!

What’s next? And where can people see you perform?
Next is another single of course, entitled “Poppers (On the Dance Floor),” which should be out before September. And you can usually find me at The Rosemont. I do Oops! once a month, throw Sexy Party every couple of months and early next year I’ll be bringing back Mx. Mont Rose, Brooklyn’s first all comedic drag competition. I’ve also been throwing some parties at The Vault recently and there are more in the works!

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