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4 Drag Queens With Their Own Makeup Lines

Anastasia Beverly Hills/NYX Cosmetics/Miss Fame Beauty/Trixie Cosmetics
Miss Fame
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For Drag Race aficionados, these stellar beauty products from our favorite drag stars are must-haves.

Alyssa Edwards

It only seems fitting that Alyssa Edwards have her own line of makeup. The drag superstar teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills for a colorful palette of hues befitting drag royalty. Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills ($45),

Aquaria wears her new NYX Cosmetics

Season 10 winner, Aquaria, launched her own collection of makeup with NYX Cosmetics this past May. The line of 10 shadows were inspired by “the city, nightlife and the future.” The limited-edition palette costs $25. Aquaria x NYX Professional Makeup Color Palette, NYX ($25),

Miss Fame
Miss Fame

Season 7’s Miss Fame launched her own eponymous makeup line, Miss Fame Beauty, just last year. The collection included five LipVoyeur creme lipsticks (“How’s Your Head?”, “Fame Whore,” “Flash of Flesh,” “The Other Woman” and “Dirty Couture”) and one “On Top” experimental glitter. Miss Fame Beauty Collection ($15-$19),

Trixie Mattel

After her successful makeup collaboration with Sugarpill, Trixie Mattel launched her own beauty brand, Trixie Cosmetics, which debuted at LA DragCon in May. The initial products included a matte megawatt pink lipstick (“Stacy”), hair/body/nail glitter particles (“Sprinkles”) and a gentle cosmetic glitter. Trixie Cosmetics ($10-$16),

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