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Manila Luzon Releases ‘Robbed’ Featuring Latrice Royale

Manila Luzon Portrait
Read Carefully

Manila Luzon’s latest track draws inspiration from her All-Stars elimination.

When drag legend Manila Luzon was unceremoniously eliminated on Season 4 of All-Stars, the show was never the same.

But now, back with a brand new track, Luzon is plotting her revenge on her latest single, ‘Robbed’. Alongside fellow All-Star Latrice Royale, Luzon croons in the chorus with a catchy beat:

Put your hands up, honey,
Don’t be actin’ funny,
Give me all your money,
Right now, right now

Due out this month, is Luzon’s music video for the track, which coincides with the release of a comic book by the same name.

Listen to the full track from Luzon below:

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