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Rocky Horror Star Not Happy With Her Portrayal on Snatch Game

Aiden Zhane as Patricia Quinn
Read Carefully

Patricia Quinn took to Facebook this past week to post a lengthy response to Aiden Zhane’s portrayal of her on Snatch Game. And she was not having it…

Rarely do celebrities critique their portrayals on Snatch Game, but this time Aiden Zhane’s take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show actress Patricia Quinn struck a chord.

“I am disgusted beyond belief at how I was portrayed on Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” the actress wrote in a post on Facebook. “I was flattered that a young person wanted to portray me on a popular TV show but unfortunately this is where the flattery ends. I did not respect being described as an ‘old cookie woman’ or being depicted as a washed-up actress who has taken too many drugs.”

Quinn added: “I wish Aiden had given me the common courtesy of a ‘heads up’ and maybe I could have given him a few lines etc., to say on the show.”

Quinn also took offense to Sherry Pie’s portrayal of an aged Katherine Hepburn, blasting it as “tasteless.”

During the Snatch Game episode, Zhane claimed to have dined with Quinn and that his appreciation for her led to his selection of the actress as his Snatch Game pick.

See Quinn’s full response below:

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