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Sharon Needles Releases New Video for ‘666’

Drag queen Sharon Needles New Music Video
Read Carefully

Drag star Sharon Needles is back with a brand new track.

The ghoulish queen, who won Drag Race Season 4, stuns in the latest release off her album “Battle Axe,” which debuted last October.

The music video for “666,” Needles’ new single, starts with a cameo from fellow drag queen Willam, who offers Needles a hit of her poppers. “Yeah, I’ll do a fucking popper,” she replies, before heading to a night club where she reappears as a teal blue demon with an Anton LaVey lookalike. Alaska, Needles’ ex, also makes an appearance in the Brad Hammer-directed video.

Along with Needles’ new song, Hammer also directed Blaire St. Claire’s newly released music video for “Now or Never.”

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