Read Carefully

This week’s Lip Sync For Your Life pit New York City queen Brita Filter against dark horse Aiden Zhane.

After coming up short in this week’s Snatch Game episode, Brita Filter and Aiden Zhane found themselves lip syncing the now classic hit ‘Let It Go’ when each ended up in the bottom two.

Zhane, who played Patricia Quinn (Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show), and Brita, who played Jennifer Holiday (Broadway legend and original Dreamgirl), both turned in lackluster performances.

Crystal Methyd, who attempted to channel YouTube sensation and pop star Poppy, narrowly escaped the battle after placing third from the bottom.

While Zhane and Brita duked it out in a winter wonderland battle, snow literally began falling during their performance.

Ultimately RuPaul sent Zhane packing in the season’s latest send-off.

See the full lip sync below and let us know who you think won in the comments.