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This Drag Queen is Going to Run for Congress

Drag queen Maebe Girl
Read Carefully

Maebe A. Girl is paving the way for drag queens who are interested in running for higher office. 

Girl made history upon joining California’s Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and becoming the first drag queen elected into public office in the United States.

During her campaign, the drag star advocated for the LGBTQ community and used her perspective as a gender-fluid trans person to elevate that issues pertinent to that community on the local level.  

“In a political climate where so many people’s civil liberties are at risk, I want to be on the front lines fighting for them,” she said in an interview with Q Voice News.

Since being on the Council, she has formed the Silver Lake LGBTQIA Advocates Committee addressing homelessness in the community. She plans to run for Congress in 2020 in full drag and hopes to address issues regarding immigration, healthcare and the environment.

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