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Violet Chachki is the Face of This New Genderless Perfume

Heretic Parfum
Dirty Violet by Violet Chachki
Read Carefully

Violet Chachki has finally made the dive into fragrances with a new genderless perfume called, “Dirty Violet.”

The drag superstar worked alongside Douglas Little, the scent maker behind organic parfum house Heretic, to create a limited-edition scent with notes of leather and patchouli, as well as violet leaf.

“A lot of drag queens douse themselves in really cheap, what I call ‘whore perfume.’ That’s a quote from something,” Chachki told WWD this week. “When I was smelling Heretic for the first time, I was impressed because it was organic-smelling and light and refreshing and natural and not overbearing at all and not too synthetic or floral. It doesn’t smell like you’re wearing cotton candy.”

Campaign photos for the new fragrance show Chachki in body-hugging latex and vintage fetish heels—a nod to subversive 1930s artist and photographer John Willie, who the campaign draws inspiration from.

Chachki previously starred in Pat McGrath’s skin collection campaign shot by Steven Meisel.

Dirty Violet comes in two sizes: 10-mL ($35) and 30mL ($95), and is available on

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